Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coaches...thank you

Everyday I have the chance to be around both amazing athletes and coaches.  The Crossfit athlete completes unbelieveable feats of strength and skill that most normal people could never imagine doing.  How do Crossfitters become these super humans? 

GREAT COACHES!   Plus a few other things.

There are many factors that lead to a great Crossfitter such as determination, high threshold for pain, work endurance but also GREAT COACHES.  No Crossfitter would be able to do what they do without the ever watching eye of the Crossfit coach.  The coach is ever vigilant in the box watching every detail of complex movements and knows when and how to modify any skill, lift, or WOD to get the most out of an athlete.  This is not easy to do and takes a great deal of organization, skill, and patience.  Think about all the coaches you have had during your time in Crossfit...what sticks out the most?

When I think about this the following come to mind:  ability to program, skilled at breaking down complex movements to their basic parts, making corrections or suggestions that help the athlete, strong motivator, and helps athletes go past their perceived personal limit.  An individual that is able to do this not only helps create a great Crossfitter but earns the respect of the Crossfit community.  These coaches help make dreams come true.

When I was coaching at CF Durham I approached every coaching session with the attitude of how can I get the most out of my athletes.  This was not for my benefit but for their own.  Sometimes people need an external force to push them or motivate them....that was me.  I tried to make corrections at the right time, keep the integrity of the WOD or skill, and set an example as not only a coach but a Crossfitter.  This was my responsibility and one that I keep close to my heart. 

I am thankful for all the Crossfit coaches that I have had during my time as a Crossfitter.  Thank you for the effort and time you put in outside of the box, the amazing programming and your undying passion for Crossfit.   

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  1. Patrick, I can attest that you inspire us everyday with your amazing coaching skills...a perfect balance of toughness and compassion. :)